• 1. What is Missed Call Alert System?
  • One of the easiest method to boost your sales, we offer Missed Call notification service with excellent quality, quick delivery and easy-to-use application gateway. Missed Call Service is a completely automated web based application that enables you to get real time notifications of all calls on your dedicated mobile.

  • 2. Do you charge any setup fee and monthly rental to use the Missed Call Alert services?
  • No, we do not charge any setup fee for Missed Call Alert service. We charge only for the plan you select.

  • 3. How much have I need to pay to buy a Missed Call Service on my number?
  • The cost depends upon the type of plan you select. Details of our plans and offers are available at package details.

  • 4. How it works?
  • When a new call arrives on your registered number, our system automatically rejects the call after one ring and pushes the information on real time to your web panel / server along with the caller number and time.

  • 5. What is the validity of my Missed Call Number?
  • The validity of your Missed Call Number depends upon the plan you purchase. You can always increase validity of your plan at any point of time before expiry.

  • 6. Is there any monthly rental?
  • No, there are no monthly rental charges for your Missed Call service number. However, there is a validity attached to each plan.

  • 7. How many mobile no. for Missed Call service can we use for the single organization?
  • Depending upon your requirements, you can add any no of mobile No. for Missed Call service as you require (No Limit). You have to buy a package for each and every mobile number, you register for Missed Call service.

  • 8. Is it mandatory to use your service after we have registered?
  • We understand the term freedom/liberty and hence, do not bind our clients to use our service for any said period of time. You can stop our services whenever you wish to do so, by choosing 'Surrender Account' menu in 'My Account'.

  • 9. What is security of your website?
  • Special attention is given to the security aspects. Apart from this, we do not share your information with any third party as per our privacy policy. As we keep on updating our website- security from time to time.

  • 10. How can I come to know about Missed Calls received on my registered mobile no.?
  • You will receive notification about Missed Call/s received on your account panel and application.

  • 11. Do you offer any technical support?
  • Any technical difficulty will be resolved by our technical team.

  • 12. Is automated reply SMS sent to every person, who gives me a Missed Call and can I edit this reply sms?.
  • Yes, an automated reply SMS is immediatly send to the caller. You can edit the SMS content as per your requirement.

  • 13. How many Missed Calls I can receive using Missed Call service in a day?
  • Unlimited.

  • 14. I am planning to organize a vast campaign. Is your Missed Call service capable enough to record massive responses?
  • Yes, Missed Call system is capable in handling high volume responses.

  • 15. Can I renew my existing Missed Call service plan?
  • Yes, Your existing plan can be renewed. The charges and validity will be same as the running plan.

  • 16. Do you provide any option to block any number?
  • Yes, you can block a particular number by using black/white list number link in service feature menu.

  • 17. Can I use my existing mobile no. for this service?
  • Yes, you can use your number for the Missed Call service.

  • 18. Where to use?
  • Missed Call service is useful for many sectors depending on your requirements, few useful categories are Lead Generation: Never miss a lead.Just include your Missed Call Service number in your advertisements and capture all potential customers 24 x 7 x 365.

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